Your open source external brain

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TiddlyRoam is your open source external brain.

TiddlyRoam allows you to quickly create your own wiki. You can add fragments of thoughts and findings whenever they come to you. TiddlyRoam will link them and help you spot the patterns.

The project aims to provide a free and open source alternative to the popular Roam.


TiddlyRoam is a TiddlyWiki with bi-directional links and graph maps.

This means when you are on page ‘Example Page’, you can see not just all the pages that ‘Example Page’ links to, but also all pages that link to it. This leads to what Roam calls ‘networked thought’. It really is something that you need to experience to appreciate.

Graph maps

This helps you visualise all the pages you have made and how they link together.


  1. Download tiddlyroam.html
  2. Download TiddlyDesktop
  3. Drag tiddlyroam.html into TiddlyDesktop

Examples of TiddlyRoam

If you have examples of your wikis using TiddlyRoam please share them here and I will add them to this list!


TiddlyRoam combines the work of TiddlyWiki by Jeremy Ruston, TiddlyMaps by Felix Hayashi and TiddlyBlink by Dave Gifford.

I hope this is useful for you Izzy.