Jo Kroese

Hi, I’m Jo Kroese, a data scientist, artist and musician based between Newcastle and Amsterdam. My work focuses on using technology to make the world more joyful and just. There are three main ways that comes out.

1. I work as a freelance data scientist.

2. I run the Radical Data Project.

3. I make live coded music as Jobi.

If you'd like to collaborate with me, hire me or ask me about my work, that would be lovely. Please feel free to get in touch.

Freelance Data Scientist

My data science research focuses on the environment and social justice. I have collaborated with some world-leading research organisations such as Cefas, Substance and Data for Good. As a consultant, I have also provided insights to inspirational charities and social businesses.

Radical Data Project

The Radical Data Project gives me space to document and explore a data counter-culture. I am interested in ways we can use data and tech to work for citizens. This takes me to innovative uses of data in areas as disparate as art, journalism, law and activism.

Live Coding Music

I play live coded music as Jobi.